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Welcome to Pacific Aikido

Training in Aikido does not focus on defeating another person in order to get better, rather it stresses working together with your partner so that both can improve.

Pacific Aikido is a registered organization of the Aikikai Foundation-Aikido World Headquarters and began teaching in the International School Community in 1991.
From the start, the focus was to give students a chance to learn this unique Japanese martial art in an English speaking setting and ensure they have a great time in the process.

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Pacific Aikido is a proud sponsor of the following charities:


Second Harvest Japan 

Giving unexpired, safe for consumption food a second life by redistributing it to those in need. 


Wounded Warriors Canada

Providing support to Canadian war Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members who have been wounded in their service to Canada and to their families.


Who are the classes for?

We have classes for kids and adults at various locations in and around Tokyo. Kids classes are open to boys and girls from five years old.

When do classes start?

Terms begin in September, January, and April, and coincide with International School calendars. New students are welcome to join at the beginning of each term. Special summer classes also take place from mid-June to the end of June, and early July to mid-July.

What do students wear?

During classes students wear a keikogi or martial arts uniform. Students who need a uniform can order one directly from Pacific Aikido.

Want to know more?

Please visit our FAQ section for more information. Alternatively Paul will be happy to answer your questions by phone or fax at 03–3350–5434, or through our contact form.